Travel bucket List

There’s so many things that made me say: I want to go there one day! And then I forget. So I needed to write them down. Checking out this list on a regular basis, reminds me of my travel dreams, so I will automatically be more focussed on reaching the goals. Some are pretty easy to do, others need more preparation:

Travel related bucket list

Live in a VW van and travel through Europe (with a dog)
Like I wrote in 2009:

“I want a Volkswagen van
with butterfly paintings
Make it my home
and travel to Spain
To Norway and all over Europe
then make it a plane and fly to LA”

See the Northern Lights

Visit Copenhagen

Visit Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Bødo, Spitsbergen, Faroer

Celebrate midsommar on a beautiful location

Visit Vancouver and travel through Canada

Hawaii, because: GMO ban and a stairway to heaven!

Visit Australia

Visit California

Do yoga and meditation in a temple in Indonesia or Asia

Visit Bali

Visit all European countries

Have dinner at Noma in Copenhagen

Stand underneath a waterfall

Sleep on the beach

Go on a yoga and surf retreat in Portugal


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